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How Does a Party Bus Differ from Other Buses?

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You may have heard about a party bus and you may be wondering how it differs from other buses that are available for hire. This article discusses the differences between those two transportation modes. Use this information to help you make the right decision when you are searching for the best bus hire company in your area. Sitting Capacity Party buses have a limited sitting capacity. This is because space must be created for the many additional amenities (such as a dance floor) that party buses offer. That is why the party bus will carry fewer passengers than another bus that isn’t a party bus. Ask the rental company you are considering to use to give you estimates of how many people the different buses can carry. Music System Party buses are designed to create a party atmosphere for their passengers so they are usually fitted with advanced music systems. Such systems can play music in a way that makes the passengers feel like they are in a nightclub. The music systems in party buses also have facilities for passengers to use their smart phones or iPods to play music as they travel. A karaoke machine may also be provided for the use of the party bus passengers as they travel. Other buses may not have such music systems since their main purpose is to provide transportation rather than entertainment. On-Board Drinks Party buses usually offer passengers complimentary drinks such as a glass of champagne as they travel. Such drinks are available in the complimentary bar that is in the party bus. Other buses available for hire may not offer such luxurious complimentary drinks. Passengers may have to provide their own drinks or refreshments during the trip, unless the bus is an executive bus that is equipped with a bar for the passengers. Rental Cost Party buses may generally be more expensive to hire when compared to buses that are not categorised as party buses. This is because the party buses have so many extra features (such as the state-of-the-art music systems) that are at the disposal of the passengers. However, you need to base your comparison on actual costs by dividing the rental cost of each option by the number of passengers so that you get the cost of transporting each person using the two options (party bus and non-party bus). Use the information above to discuss the different transportation options with your colleagues as you plan that corporate event. Make a decision based on your needs and on how the bus hire company advises you to handle your transportation...

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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Limo or Car

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Hiring a limousine can keep you safe for parties and other events when you might be drinking too much to drive yourself, and for when you simply need a one-way ride such as to an airport or back. If you’ve never hired a limousine or car before, note a few important questions to ask to ensure you get the right choice for your trip. 1. Is there Wi-Fi in the car? If you’re renting a limo or car service to take you to a business meeting or are traveling on business, you may want Wi-Fi in the car. This will allow you to check your email, chat with your associates, and so on. However, don’t assume that there will be internet access in the car; if you know you’ll need it, be sure to ask about it so you’re provided a car with Wi-Fi hookups. 2. Be sure you discuss all models available You may be surprised at your choices for limousines and car hire services and may not think to ask about different models and types. For example, you might prefer a minivan if you’re traveling with your family or another group, or an SUV if you want something a bit more luxurious than a minivan but don’t necessarily want a full limousine.  Along with asking about the models available just for comfort, be sure you discuss the amount of luggage you’ll be bringing with you; if you have several passengers with lots of suitcases each, you may need to upgrade to a larger size just to accommodate. 3. What are their policies about unexpected stops? Don’t assume that the limousine service will stop and allow you to grab something to eat or to swing by a friend’s house while you’re out. You may be charged added fees for going over allotted hours, or drivers may be restricted from going anywhere other than their planned route, for their own safety.  4. What is the lead time needed for a reservation? Remember that prom season and wedding season often coincide, so limousines and party busses book up quickly for those times. Peak travel seasons such as around the holidays may also see minivans and car hires to the airport book up quickly. It’s good to note how much lead time a car or limo hire company usually needs in order to ensure your reservation, and especially if you want to reserve something special such as a super-stretch limousine, party bus, vintage Rolls Royce, and the like....

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