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Three Considerations for Selecting the Petroleum Truck Transporter

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The sale of petroleum and its derivatives is highly profitable. However, there are significant challenges involved when setting up your refined oil and gas outlet. One of these important issues which you must diligently consider is transportation. In ideal circumstances, a petroleum business can choose to have their oil hauled via rail cars or tanker trucks. Both methods are beneficial for the pertinent company. However, you will get more flexibility, shorter transit times and enhanced convenience when you select truck haulage. If you decide to use this form of shipping, consider these critical factors before choosing an ideal petroleum truck transporter. Capacity of Equipment When looking for the right transporter for your commercial petroleum, you should inquire about the capacity of their equipment. In simple terms, you should know the size and the volume of the tanker which is dedicated to the haulage of oil and gas. If you are starting up an outlet, you should ensure that the pertinent haulage company can transport the low volumes that you require. As your company grows, you will need greater volumes of petroleum products. Therefore, make certain that you can scale up so that you will not have to look for a new transportation company. Transportation Authority Petroleum products are flammable and highly hazardous to people and the general environment. In general, the refined oil and gas products which are sold by commercial outlets to consumers are categorised as dangerous goods. Therefore, if you are planning to transport petroleum goods, you should ensure that the company is licensed to haul dangerous goods. The driver driving your goods should have a special dangerous goods license. The transportation company should also have good insurance in case of any unexpected accidents on the road. You should also make certain that the hauler will adhere to the placard rules if your consignment surpasses the minimum limit for the regulated loads. Haulage of Other Goods You should inquire about the range of goods which your potential transportation company can handle. If your only interest is in the shipping of refined oil and gas, then you can overlook the other requirements. However, if you plan to expand and diversify your business interest, you should consider a transporter who can handle all your needs. For instance, dangerous goods haulers often handle dry and liquid chemicals in addition to petroleum. Others might also handle heavy and delicate equipment and even manage hazardous waste. Therefore, compare your needs with the range of services before making your final...

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Why Business Executives Should Always Choose Chauffeured Services for the Boss

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While a lot of business is today conducted over the phone, through videoconferencing or other electronic means, it is still necessary for a corporate executive to travel on a frequent basis in order to conduct meetings and develop business. It is the job of the executive assistant to streamline this process as much as possible, in order to ensure both productivity and a happy boss. What’s one of the most important considerations for the executive assistant when it comes to travel? Reducing the Guesswork Travel can be very stressful and is becoming increasingly more so as time goes by. While there are many imponderables, the more pre-preparation the better when developing a schedule and itinerary. The less stress that the executive faces on the way to the business meeting the better in terms of efficiency and productivity. This means taking as much of the guesswork out of transfers as possible. Lining up the Best Options An executive assistant needs to do two things in relation to travel transfers. Firstly, the assistant needs to have a good working relationship with a chauffeur service locally. Secondly, they need to do research to find the best such service at the remote destination. Using an efficient chauffeur service can take much of the stress out of travel for your boss. First Impressions Count Remember, that first appearances can count when the executive arrives at the office of a new prospect. When he or she arrives in a nice, chauffeured car this creates that good impression right from the start. Last-Minute Preparations Often, the executive will need to conduct some business on the way from the airport to the meeting destination. They may need to review notes, make a few phone calls or work on their laptop. This is very difficult to achieve on any form of public transport and certainly within the typical, cramped taxicab. In a spacious, chauffeured car this is all achievable. Driving Is Not an Option While it is of course possible to rent a car at an airport and indeed to rent a luxury car for safety and comfort, the executive will still have the hassle of navigating traffic in an unfamiliar city and will not be able to devote all of their attention to meeting preparation. Continued Good Impressions If an important business meeting at a remote customer destination is to be continued during lunch hour, there is an advantage to using chauffeured cars as opposed to any other vehicle or a rental. Firstly, it’s a professional environment and secondly it continues to create the right impression. The Chauffeur Is the Executive’s Best Friend The choice of a good chauffeured car firm can make the life of the executive assistant a lot easier. When you know that this company will go out of its way to check the routing between important destination in advance, be very aware of traffic issues and make whatever adjustments are necessary, then you know that your manager is likely to get there on time and in a good frame of...

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Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Unit for Your Items

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Storage units can be a good choice when you’re moving; you can pack up items long before your move itself and store them away so you’re not forced to put everything in boxes at the last minute. You can also use them when your home is a bit small and you don’t have room for all your sporting goods, tools, and the like. To get the most out of using a storage unit, note a few tips to consider before you choose a unit. 1. Consider security You don’t want to overpay for security features you don’t need, but a storage facility with 24-hour video monitoring or even a 24-hour guard on duty can mean added security for your items. If you’re storing something very valuable such as a sports car or collectibles, it can be worth the added cost of such a facility so that you know your items are properly secured and monitored. Note the height of a fence surrounding the facility and if it would be easy to scale, how easily someone could sneak into the front gate behind a car, and so on. This will ensure you opt for the most secure facility available. 2. Know the environment If you’re storing your items year-round, or if you live in an area with extremes in temperature or humidity, you might want to opt for a climate-controlled unit. This would be one with an internal thermostat that allows you to turn on a heating or air conditioning unit. You might also ask for a unit with electricity so you can connect a humidifier or dehumidifier. This can ensure that everything you store is protected from the risk of mold and mildew as well as wood rot and warping, or from becoming dry and brittle due to heat. 3. Reconsider the space You may want to save money by getting the cheapest space possible, but reconsider if it’s actually enough space. How easily can you access your items if you’ll need them throughout the year? If you’re storing furniture, can you safely store it without having to turn items on their sides or stack things on top of one another? The cost of a larger unit might actually be less than the cost of replacing that sofa or table that got damaged or even ruined because you chose a small unit without any added space for properly storing all your...

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Freight forwarding | Getting the best from your freight forwarder

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The world has been reduced to a global village, and one of the many effects is the increase in international trade. Freight transport is in the middle of this. It has become a vital instrument in moving goods from one location to another. Though it’s a reliable means, freight transportation doesn’t always turn out as you expect it to. Sometimes, the costs skyrocket. Other times, the goods don’t get to their destination in one piece. If you wish to avoid all these headaches, here are key areas to pay attention to. Selection Freight forwarders are not all equal. Some are better than others, so you need to be able to pick the best one. For this, you need to know exactly what you want. That way, you will know the specific services that you require from the forwarder, instead of picking one that will charge you for services you won’t even use. Some freights have a fee for ‘special tasks’ billed even when you don’t use these services. Additionally, some forwarders are specialists when it comes to shipping through certain routes, or even shipping specific commodities. Using them for such services will be a huge benefit for you, because you’ll be making use of their expertise. Presence of logistics consulting. Ensure your freight forwarder offers consultation services, because this can be the difference between profits and losses on your end. The freight charges are available in different packages, and a good agent will offer advice to your pricing and distribution choices. The forwarder has enough experience in the freight industry. For instance, they may advise you to switch from CIF (cost, insurance and freight) basis to CFR (cost and freight) for one reason or the other. The agent may also advise on the packaging of the goods, for instance, if you experience frequent damages. Value added services To get the best experience, check the value added services the forwarder offers. Some freight companies offer extra services such as packing expertise, warehousing and even coverages. Also look for companies with EDI capabilities. This will fasten the process by providing shipping details in time. Agent network For international shipping, you need to ensure the forwarder has got a wide range of agents all across the globe. Pay more attention to the country you are shipping to. If there’s an agent there, then you can be better assured of a faster and seamless process. Additionally, a forwarder with agents in multiple countries may be better suited to help you if any rerouting problems occur. That will give your goods a timely arrival and may be what boosts your...

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How to Find the Right Accessible Transportation While At Sea

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For a disabled person, day-to-day travel can be rather challenging, let alone the prospect of taking a cruise vacation. However, planning early and comprehensively will take out most of the surprises from the equation and give you that dream cruise you’ve always wanted. Unlike earlier times, there are many cruise companies today providing accessible transportation and boarding for people with disabilities. Choosing your cruise ship When selecting a cruise ship, newer ships are usually better, but older refurbished ships may also have been redesigned to provide for the needs of disabled people. Your choice of ship will depend on your special needs. For instance, people on wheelchairs will need entry ramps, staterooms with wider entryways, bathroom grab-bars, roll-in showers and lower closet rods among others. There are cruise lines that have even gone a step further to incorporate pool lifts which carry the occupant into the water. A blind person on the other hand will want restaurant menus and other important documentation being written in Braille, as well as a cruise ship that makes accommodations for service dogs, should you have one. To start with, go through the cruise-line’s official website, paying attention to sections labelled ‘Accessibility’ or ‘Special needs’ or other related terms. Most companies also have dedicated phone lines to cater for travelers with special needs; call in and ask to be connected to one such staff member. Making your booking Prior to making your booking, carefully go over all your requirements with the line’s staffer, and ensure you are familiar with the cruise-line’s policy on persons with disabilities traveling alone – some lines do not allow solo travel for disabled persons. After booking, most cruise-lines require special needs travelers to complete a form outlining their needs and limitations. Make plans well in advance – even 2-3 months in advance –fill in and submit this form as early as possible in order to ensure your needs are properly taken care of by the time you’re ready to travel. In addition, many cruise lines have just a handful of modified staterooms, so early booking will ensure you secure one for yourself, rather than having to postpone your trip to the next available window. Using a travel agent Hiring a travel agent might save you much of the hassle that goes with planning a cruise vacation yourself. An experienced agent is conversant with many of the cruise-lines around and can guide you on their ships, level of accessibility, living arrangements, port access and accessible transportation arrangements as well as special needs excursions while on the trip. In addition, they can arrange for specialized medical equipment hire, coordinate accessible transportation from home to airport to cruise-line and back, reservations of hotel rooms before and after the cruise as well as arrange for accessible shore excursions to give you your dream vacation. For better service, find a travel agent who specializes in your particular...

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How Does a Party Bus Differ from Other Buses?

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You may have heard about a party bus and you may be wondering how it differs from other buses that are available for hire. This article discusses the differences between those two transportation modes. Use this information to help you make the right decision when you are searching for the best bus hire company in your area. Sitting Capacity Party buses have a limited sitting capacity. This is because space must be created for the many additional amenities (such as a dance floor) that party buses offer. That is why the party bus will carry fewer passengers than another bus that isn’t a party bus. Ask the rental company you are considering to use to give you estimates of how many people the different buses can carry. Music System Party buses are designed to create a party atmosphere for their passengers so they are usually fitted with advanced music systems. Such systems can play music in a way that makes the passengers feel like they are in a nightclub. The music systems in party buses also have facilities for passengers to use their smart phones or iPods to play music as they travel. A karaoke machine may also be provided for the use of the party bus passengers as they travel. Other buses may not have such music systems since their main purpose is to provide transportation rather than entertainment. On-Board Drinks Party buses usually offer passengers complimentary drinks such as a glass of champagne as they travel. Such drinks are available in the complimentary bar that is in the party bus. Other buses available for hire may not offer such luxurious complimentary drinks. Passengers may have to provide their own drinks or refreshments during the trip, unless the bus is an executive bus that is equipped with a bar for the passengers. Rental Cost Party buses may generally be more expensive to hire when compared to buses that are not categorised as party buses. This is because the party buses have so many extra features (such as the state-of-the-art music systems) that are at the disposal of the passengers. However, you need to base your comparison on actual costs by dividing the rental cost of each option by the number of passengers so that you get the cost of transporting each person using the two options (party bus and non-party bus). Use the information above to discuss the different transportation options with your colleagues as you plan that corporate event. Make a decision based on your needs and on how the bus hire company advises you to handle your transportation...

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Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Limo or Car

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Hiring a limousine can keep you safe for parties and other events when you might be drinking too much to drive yourself, and for when you simply need a one-way ride such as to an airport or back. If you’ve never hired a limousine or car before, note a few important questions to ask to ensure you get the right choice for your trip. 1. Is there Wi-Fi in the car? If you’re renting a limo or car service to take you to a business meeting or are traveling on business, you may want Wi-Fi in the car. This will allow you to check your email, chat with your associates, and so on. However, don’t assume that there will be internet access in the car; if you know you’ll need it, be sure to ask about it so you’re provided a car with Wi-Fi hookups. 2. Be sure you discuss all models available You may be surprised at your choices for limousines and car hire services and may not think to ask about different models and types. For example, you might prefer a minivan if you’re traveling with your family or another group, or an SUV if you want something a bit more luxurious than a minivan but don’t necessarily want a full limousine.  Along with asking about the models available just for comfort, be sure you discuss the amount of luggage you’ll be bringing with you; if you have several passengers with lots of suitcases each, you may need to upgrade to a larger size just to accommodate. 3. What are their policies about unexpected stops? Don’t assume that the limousine service will stop and allow you to grab something to eat or to swing by a friend’s house while you’re out. You may be charged added fees for going over allotted hours, or drivers may be restricted from going anywhere other than their planned route, for their own safety.  4. What is the lead time needed for a reservation? Remember that prom season and wedding season often coincide, so limousines and party busses book up quickly for those times. Peak travel seasons such as around the holidays may also see minivans and car hires to the airport book up quickly. It’s good to note how much lead time a car or limo hire company usually needs in order to ensure your reservation, and especially if you want to reserve something special such as a super-stretch limousine, party bus, vintage Rolls Royce, and the like....

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